My Links

The following are places I think are useful on the net.
I like em… I think you will too.

Web Sites
One Deal, One Day
Musician’s Friend
Stupid Deal of the Day
Internet Movie Database
Blog / Web Site C.M.S.
Invisible Disabilities Association  What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity  MCS America
Rondo Music
Guitars, Cheap and good!
Jimmy Page
Need I say more?
Orange County Speaker
Wholesale audio parts
KEH Camera
Used Camera Gear
GFS (Guitar Fetish)
The best and cheapest guitar pickups
Self Publishing!
Photo hosting
Craigslist & eBay templates
High quality Bike parts for less!
Build Your Own Clone
Build it yourself stomp boxes
Free audio plug-ins
U.S. Patent & Tradmark Office
Nikon System Explained
What do all those acronyms mean?
Skip Simmons
The tube amp MASTER!
Telenator Pickups
The only manufacturer of threaded CuNiFe guitar pickups

The following are Forums I think are useful on the net.

The Fender Forum
General Fender Guitars
The Gear Page
All Guitars & Gear
Old School Guitar
General Guitar for old guys
Yamaha Forums
Dedicated to Yamaha guitars & Basses
Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum
For the Fender Stratocaster
Telecaster Guitar Forum
The #1 Telecaster forum in the world
Kramer Guitar Forum
For the Legendary Kramer Guitars
Golden Retriever Forum
The best dog breed in the world (YMMV)
Fuji Talk Forum
Fuji Cameras
Digital Camera Review
Digital Camera resources
Digital Camera Resource Page
Digital Camera resources
Digital Photo group
Friendly photography folks in the UK!
Photography Forum
General photography forum
You know all about this already.
Android Tablet Forum
For Android Tablets!

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