What others are saying  about my photographs,
and my published books of guitar photography.


“The Art of Guitars” is a book that takes you deep into the true beauty of the electric guitar. You feel like your walking on the instrument. The strings of the guitar are like wires crossing the world. He (Mark) makes an f-hole look like an aerial shot from a plane of a cornfield. Knobs look like buildings with graphic shapes.

A great coffee table book for the music lover or musician.

Great job!

Gary Hoey,  recording artist, Fender, EVH, Seymour Duncan endorsee


Mark’s work exploits unique aspects of the guitar we wouldn’t normally consider. In an almost epic sense, his photographs reveal a new and original beauty in guitars that I have not previously seen.

When I look at the photos in his book and ca lender I am forced to stop what I’m doing and consider the guitar, which I handle and look at every day, and take the time to notice it the way Mark carefully portrays them.

As a professional photographer myself, I am pleasantly amused with Marks work as it reminds me of a time when my photography was all about art too.

I’m looking forward to January when I can hang Mark’s “Art of Guitars” ca lender on the wall and enjoy it for the year to come.

Bob Feather, Staff Photographer, Road Bike – American Iron Magazine.


This calendar is ART! Mark has a way of shooting guitars that lets you see the beauty of the workmanship.

Each guitar is meticulously detailed so that no imperfections mar the shots. The camera angles are unique, focusing on the beauty of the instruments. They are very different from the usual photos.

Each month is better than the last. If you love guitars, you have to get this calendar. I just ordered a second one for my boss and my wife wants one, too!

Nick Caruso, Avid guitarist


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