The following are items that have been published.

They are all out of general print through Amazon, but “Print on Demand” copies of some of the publications can still be obtained at a premium from Lulu Press.

Textures of China (2006)

See the hidden China which lurks beyond eye level or right beneath your feet. This is not an ordinary travelogue; it does not have panoramic picture-postcard views of the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square or the Forbidden City. Instead, gaze at architectural details, often overlooked, but always present at these famous places in China. Each photo is a feast of texture and the play of light and shadow all cast in vivid colors. This book is a meditation on craftsmanship offering a unique and mesmerizing view of China that is seldom seen.

ISBN  978-1-4276-0239-8


The Art Of Guitars (2006)

The electric guitar has become an international icon for the creativity of music. Whether you prefer rock, jazz, blues, or another genre, the guitar has made a significant contribution to the music world. Now you can see these beautiful instruments from a completely different point of view. There’s conventional light and shadows, but also such detail that these instruments seem to take up an abstract life of their own. Whether you are familiar with guitars or not, this book will help provide you with an appreciation for their beauty.

ISBN 978-1-4276-0498-9

The Art of Guitars, Volume II (2007)

In “Volume II” Mark took a slightly different approach. Not only will you see these beautiful instruments from a different point of view, but he also focused in on individual guitar models he felt had an impact on today’s music. Included are author and owner comments, more photos of each guitar, and basic data. Volume II continues with the abstract theme that has made Mark’s photography so popular. If you liked Volume I, you’re going to love Volume II!

ISBN 978-0-9794742-0-0


Totally out of print

  • The Art of Guitars, 2007 Calender ISBN 978-0-9794-7421-7
  • The Art Of Guitars, 2006 Calender ISBN 1-4276-0499-1
  • Warriors, 2006 Calender
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