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Mark's 1978 band

Mark's 1978 band

It all  started in Jr. High school when I started playing guitar, and continued on from there.  I took guitar classes in high school, but I was way too advanced for the instructional material and used it as a practice session for improvisational lead guitar.

In the late 70’s I started to dabble in photography with the purchase of my first 35mm camera.  I moved along from there to a medium format camera and higher end 35mm cameras,  and then started a semi-pro career as a freelance photographer, shooting weddings, portraits, and freelance work for the San Francisco Examiner from time to time.

Photography continues to be a passion of mine,  as well as guitars.  In the early 2000’s I started to meld the two of the together with the launch of the first Photoweboarma web site and with the launch of  the “Art of Guitars” book and calendar series.  Both photography and guitars continue to be my favorite hobbies, and a large part of my life.

Public Blurb: “Mark Steven Wong has been an avid photographer since the late 70’s. Best known for his abstract guitar photography, and his slightly skewed vision of the world. Mark continues to capture images that excite the imagination in unconventional ways.”

We are located in the Sacramento Valley, almost in the middle of the state of California.  We are close to everything, mountains, ocean, flat lands and so forth. Some think it is a great place to live, others don’t.  In any case, I find it enjoyable most of the time.

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