The Biggest Joke at 2015 Winter NAMM Show???

Lets face it, music is not only a business, but it’s also FUN! So its obvious that there may be a joke or two thrown into the mix at the NAMM show.

Strange enough, the biggest joke I found seemed to have been missed by most,  and was pulled by one of the most conservative instrument companies on the planet, C.F Martin.

On the last day of NAMM, I strolled through a few booths on my way to the exit. I had pretty much had it by then.  As I walked through the Martin booth on my way it out, it caught my eye….. What was that???  Where am I???

There sitting all the wall, all by itself was a beautiful acoustic… Gibson??  It had a headstock and fret markers like a Gibson Hummingbird, but the body looked like a J-200.  Also, the pickguard looked like a mix of a Hummingbird and a J-200.  And the headstock logo… It said “The Gib…..” no wait it said “The Martin”!

I just stood there in shock with my mouth open, saying to myself “, this has to be a joke!”

Since it wMartinGibsonas the last day, everyone was pretty much gone.  After awhile I was able to find one of the Martin staff cleaning and putting a guitar in a case. So I went up to him and asked if I could ask a question, and he said sure.  I pointed the direction of the guitar and asked: “That’s a joke, right?” .  He looked up at me and started to snicker and said “Yes, about a 30-year-old joke.”

We both had a bit of a laugh and then he says to me: “Wait, I have to give you a pack for that!” So he went off and came back with a Martin bag full of all sorts of Martin goodies, including strings!

I have a feeling not many got the joke, but those that did were treated very well!

Martin©C.F. Martin Co.
Gibson, Hummingbird, J-200©Gibson Guitar Co.

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