Star Product at 2015 NAMM

By Mark Wong

There were a lot of new and innovative products released at this years NAMM show, but one of the products that impress me the most were the offering from Dialtone pickups, located in the basement, or Hall E as it’s officially called.

Their new pickups allow you to adjust each pickup almost infinitely. No longer will you have to swap pickups to get the tone you want, or settle for only one tone that you happen to have installed in your guitar. With just the twist of the two knobs built into the pickup, you can instantly change the voice of your guitar.


Now you can have both that deep muted sound of a Jazz guitar, or the snarling tone for heavy metal out of the same pickup!

I spent at least 20 minutes putting these new pickups through their paces, and I was really impressed! I can really see a total advantage for guitars that have only one pickup. That was the reason why I sold my vintage 1985 Kramer Baretta. It seemed like a “one trick pony”, but if I had the option then to put in a Dialtone pickup, that would have made it as versatile as any two pickup guitars out there!

I really think these guys are going to go far, and now I can say I knew them when they first started out!


Check them out at Dialtone Pickups!


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