New Guitar Photos: 70’s Global EA200

A friend found this guitar is a dumpster.

It was in ok shape, but it took a bit to make it playable.
It had years of Micky Moused modifications I had to reverse.

Click to view all the photos in this series

The bridge was not original and the studs for the Tune-O-Matic bridge were not anchored in the wood bridge mount.
To make it work somewhat the correct way I had to use a combination of neck shims and washers to get the strings at the correct height.
Also, the bridge was placed in the wrong place, so it was impossible to intonate it at all.
The neck pickup was also installed backwards, so it had to be reversed.

I also had repair the electronics. Neither of the tone control worked, and the volume controls were reversed, as well as the switch was installed backwards. I cleaned out the electronics, and repaired some of the solder connections.  Some were incorrect from the factory.  This of course, meant I had to remove and reinstall the controls, which is quite a feat on a hollow body guitar.

I also had to do a little work on the Nut and replace a missing knob.

These were never really good guitars, but I got it all setup and playing fantastic!
It is modeled off of the Gibson ES-335. It falls far short of the 335, but a fun guitar to play, none the less!

Enjoy the photos!


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